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This London premiere stars Mia Zara (Poe: Macabre Ressurections), who inspired playwright Don Fried to compose this play and envision Zara in the lead role.

“Blood Privilege is a feminist powerhouse; the Countess Elizabeth Bathory could be the Hedda Gabler of 16th Century Hungary” – Horror Talk (New York Premiere)

The historical Elizabeth Bathory was orphaned and vulnerable early in life although she rose up to become one of the most formidable women in Europe. She was not left untouched by her struggle to power: Elizabeth is rumoured to have tortured and murdered over 600 women. Her exigent life was one of the inspirations behind the vampire myths.

In Blood Privilege, Fried looks behind the legend to where truth, myth and horror collide, and together with McQuade (Best Theatre Director, Fringe Report 2012) explore the corruption that comes with absolute power and the doom that pursues those who desire it.

Blood Privilege will also feature Game of Thrones actor Ross Mullan as King Matthias, as well as Second Skin Theatre’s Dan Shelton (Quills) and George Collie (The Christmas Dinner).

Blood Privilege by Don Fried plays at the White Rabbit Theatre, 125 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UH from 27th March to 14th April 2013.