Backstage drama workshop was established in autumn 2014 in Zadar. The program is led by Mia Zara. Backstage has three sucesfull theatre productions under their belt. Teatroplov (which also toured on Theatre Festival BESA in 2015), Granice and Mnogolozi (2016). We are currently welcoming more aspiring actors to join our drama studio.

Trailer for movie “22” shot in 2017

Blooper trailer for movie “22” shot in 2017

“Ambiciozni glumci uhvatili su se vrlo zahtjevnog posla i povezali cak nekoliko vrsta kazalisnog izricaja. Uz Teatroplov, grupa Backstage iza sebe broji dva filma i dvije reklame, sto je i vise nego respektabilno za nepunih godinu dana postojanja!” – Zadarski list 2015


The end of year production Mnogolozi( Lots-o-logues) has been created during the workshops where each actor chose their own monologue and worked on the character. After research, we have merged the monologues of all 20 actors into one story and created a play where everyone had a lot to say about everything.


“Pod vodstvom mentorice i redateljice Mie Zare, performeri su posjetiteljima ponudili upečatljivu izvedbu, pomičući ne samo vlastite granice nego i granice zadarske umjetničke scene koja se ovim performansom svakako približila svjetskim art kretanjima“ – Zadarski list 2016.

Granice ( Boundaries) is a perfomance piece exporing individual boundaries we carry throughout life with us. The inspiration is drawn from personal experience. Each performer has chosen the most dominant boundary of their current life to explore and has perfomed it in an hour long exhibition in the space otherwise known as the State’s arhive in the middle of city centre. The audience had the opportunity to walk around the space and watch each perfomer continuesly exposing its topic. The aim was to feel the creation during the performance rather than perfom something created in rehearsals.

Zadarski list, srpanj 2015 god.